Doctor Rudolph van Richten

Who is Dr. Rudoplh van Richten?
Not a tyrant or a despot, with no question of his humanity or his mortality, this middle aged, unimposing man aspires to a kind of greatness that is very rare in the Kingdoms of the Mists: he is a hero.

Originally from Darkon, Dr. van Ritchen was a healer and seeker of wisdom in the same spirit as Victor Mordenhienin that he favored ingenuity and the mastery of the natural world through what is called ’science’over any kind of magic or sorcery. Then one day a travelling troupe of Vistani took his son. Discovering courage he had never suspected, van Richten pursued the kidnappers, only to learn that they had used his son’s life to placate a powerful wilderness vampire they had dealings with. Using his keen mind and great courage, van Richten destroyed the vampire and sent his only son into oblivion, sparing him the terrible eternity of undeath.

Where Does He Reside?
Dr. Van Richten did not return to his once peaceful life. Instead he has become a mortal terror of deathless horrors. Turning his insightful and analytical mind towards the destruction of vampires, hags and other supernatural monsters, he has personally undone dozens of such creatures and, more importantly, inspired others to take up his work. When not hunting, he can be found in Mordentshire where he works as a physician while compiling his knowledge and planning his next sojourn.

How Does He Influence the Kingdoms?
Dr. van Ricthen has embraced magic in that it allows him to make his writings widely available. His guides to various monsters and horrors, which contain the habits, practices and most importantly weaknesses of vampires, lycanthropes, ghosts and so on, are indispensable to those who would continue his good work. Widely circulated and eagerly sought by mortals who would stand against such terrors, excerpts, passages, notes and copies of van Ricthen’s guides are to be found in the packs or libraries of any who could conceivably stand against creatures of the night. A good relationship would mean you are a student or follower of his works, a conflicted or adverse would mean a radical difference in philosophy or even outright support of the creatures he hunts.

Doctor Rudolph van Richten

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