Gabrielle Aderre

Who is Gabrielle Aderre?
Known as ‘The Queen of Passions’, Gabrielle Aderre is also the rule of Invidia, a large kingdom that golds vast stretches of unspoiled wilderness. Gabrielle rose to her position from the poorest of beginnings, and is said to be descended from what passes for a royal family in the Visatni tribes. If this is true, there must be much more to the story, as Gabrielle loathes and detests the Vistani and is known to have set many plots in motion with the destruction of these nomadic tribes in mind. Like the Vistani, Queen Gabrielle claims the power to see the future.

It is widely held that Gabrielle killed her husband the king, but it is equally widely assumed that he was a lecherous womanizer. Invidians are a fiery, passionate people, and their queen is a paragon example of these attributes, qualities for which her people deeply love her, and if there is any truth to the stories of the king’s behavior and Gabrielle’s revenge, Invidians hold that the king should have known better.

Where Does She Rule?
Like Barovia, Invidia is a kingdom of villages and small cities separated by rugged country and wilderness. They are a very nationalistic people, holding their land as superior to all others. This arrogant pride is so strong it often leads to feuds and grudges between villages in Invidia itself. Dueling is a common practice, and even family members may call one another out over trivial matters. Of late, Gabrielle’s son, Prince Malocchio, has been striving to bring a stronger sense of unity to his people, transforming this new sense of teamwork into stronger and more lucrative dealings with neighboring nations. It is well known that queen and prince despise one another, but they do come together in their hatred of the Vistani, and Invidia is chief among the few kingdoms where these travelers are not welcome.

How Does She Influence the Kingdoms?
Gabrielle is queen of a kingdom that borders on several others, and her palace is like the center of a spider’s web where dozens of alliances, treaties, intrigues and rivalries converge. Add to this her knowledge of future events and her all-consuming vendetta against the Vistani, and it becomes plain that there is little of importance that transpires in the Kingdoms that she does not have at least some small part in. A positive relationship means you are useful to her in some way, and she is a powerful friend to have. Conflicted or negative relationships could mean you have been burned in one of her plots, and in this, you would not be lonely.

Gabrielle Aderre

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