Icons of the Kingdoms of Mists

The Kingdoms form a haunted realm, where the shadows fall a little deeper and the night hides terrors. This prevalent darkness colors the influential beings of the setting. Therefore you will find more conflicted and villainous icons than are typical for 13th Age. There are also more icons than the 13th Age campaign guide provides. This is because there are more kingdoms and also while certain icons are not rulers, their influence is felt across the realms and their agendas can easily become entangled with your own.

The Ravenloft Icons listed here are associated with their 13th Age equivalents. This is a shorthand notation to make it easier for you to know a little about each icon without reading the longer description. So if you were considering a relationship with the Emperor, you could quickly see that Strahd von Zaorvich fills this role in Ravenloft. Because Ravenloft will have more than 13 icons, some may duplicate 13th age roles. You may have more than one High Druid to choose from, for example.

Lastly,Icons are presented according to how the world at large perceives them, which may not be entirely accurate as you get to know them better. Alazin is seen as heroic by his own subjects as they credit him their high standard of living, while Kyorg is certainly not considered villainous by his Tergish subjects, and the mysterious Lord Soth may not be as heroic as his elven advocates put forth.

Heroic Icons

Strahd von Zarovich as The Emperor

Lord Soth as the Great Gold Wyrm

The Morninglord as The Priestess

Azalin the Necromancer as The Archmage

Doctor Rudolph van Richten as The High Druid

Ambiguous Icons

Hazlik the Archmage as The Lich King

Vlad Drakov as the Crusader

Lord Hiregaard as The Dwarf King

Gabrielle Aderre as The Elf Queen

Victor Mordenhien as the High Druid

Malken as the Prince of Shadows

Villainous Icons

Yango Petrovna as the Diabolist

Kyog Khan as the Orc Lord

The Three Hags as the Red the Blue and the White

Tristessa as the Lich King

Icons of the Kingdoms of Mists

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