Lord Soth

Who is Lord Soth?
Lord Soth is a human knight who is a prisoner in his own castle. Said to be a terrible villain of an ancient age (or another world- details are few) brought here to serve an eternal sentence, his palace is a riddle, and must be traversed in a very specific and complex pattern for all his sins to be redeemed and his liberty won. The palace grows, shrinks or changes each night, confounding his efforts. The elves of this region (mechanically Eladrin) teach that Lord Soth has rejected his evil ways and when liberty is at last his, it will come to all denizens of the Dread Domains, as they call the Kingdoms.

It is said that when he escapes his prison, the sun will shine down and cleanse the world of evil. He inspires because he never quits.

Sithicus a haunted realm occupied by mysterious elves. It is they who profess the mysteries of Lord Soth. The elves of this realm are bound to silence and meditation. The thickly wooded wilderness they occupy is haunted by grim spirits and terrible beasts most of whom do not trouble the elves but will prey upon outsiders.

Influence in the Kingdoms
Lord Soth’s influence in the wider world is debatable. Some say he is a prisoner and cannot do much from his palace. Others say he can make his will known across the Kingdoms through subtle magics. His allies are always on the lookout for magical puzzles, riddles and traps- anything that might lend insight to Lord Soth’s search for liberty. Conflicted or negative relationships denote suspicion about Lord Soth’s nature and even deliberate opposition to his achieving freedom.

Lord Soth

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