Vlad Drakov

Who is Vlad Drakov?
Vlad Drakov is a conqueror above all else. He is the undisputed king of Falkovnia but his kingdom and his people are only useful in their capacity to help him defeat and claim other kingdoms. He has not been successful in this yet, having been turned back on numerous excursions into Darkon. His aspiration to be a perfect general king is marred by his reputation for horrendous cruelty.

Where Does He Reside?
Falknovia is a military state, pure and simple. There is no civilian government or police force. Soldiers are the highest social class, and the army maintains the peace as well as overseeing nearly every aspect of public life. All Falkovians are branded at their birth with Drakov’s seal: a hawk’s head, reminding every citizen of his true status: property.

Non humans have no status or rights in Falkovnia. If an elf or a dwarf is seen in these lands free of chains or seemingly in possession if property, Drakov’s soldiers moves swiftly to correct that.

What Is His Influence in the Kingdoms?
Drakov makes all the residents of his neighboring kingdoms nervous. He maintains trade alliances as needed to keep his arms mills functioning and his people fed within reason, but it is only a matter of time before his army moves again. A positive relationship means sharing his militaristic and undeniably brutal outlook. Conflicted or negative relationships show philosophical agreements over the use of force as a solution to every circumstance and torture as a means of entertainment

Vlad Drakov

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